My name is Neil Richardson.  I have been operating an exclusive breakfast catering business for over 25 years, and as I cater to only one client a day, it is truly a personalized service. My experience includes work in Michelin Star restaurants and some of the best hotels in London, Ireland and Mainland Europe. 

I have catered to VIP’s such as Elton John and His Highness King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, as well as working as a food stylist for the BBC. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, I worked in a laid back jazz restaurant, while also working as on on-site chef for one of the biggest catering operations in town. I have catered movie premiers and intimate dinner parties for many people in the movie and music industries.

I now specialize in catering for film, television and photo shoots with an array of clients ranging from NBC to Kellogg’s, Prada and MTV. My vast experience and knowledge enable me to anticipate food preferences for my clients, as I continue to be an innovator in my field.

If you are interested in booking information and menu options please contact me here

“Neil never fails to do an excellent job, and just seeing him has always lifted the crew’s spirits!”

 He has been a favorite for as long as I can remember, and nobody does it better.”


Andrew Colón  Head of Production



“I have been working with Neil for 19 years now and am still excited for breakfast when he’s there.

His food is fresh and delicious and I can’t turn down the carbonara!

Neil is reliable, professional and the crew loves him.  He remembers everyone and what their favorite dishes are.

Always a pleasure.”


Dawn Stennes   Production Manager 


“When I shoot in LA, Neil is always my first call  I’ve been working with him for years, and his food is always great. Everyone loves it – cast, crew, and client.”

Chris Daviau

Producer   MTV On-Air Promos


“It’s always wonderful to see Neil’s smiling face.  He serves fantastic food to order — fast and with personality.  Neil provides a better service solo than other caterers that show up with 2 or more servers”

Craig Repass Producer


“There’s no other person I’d like to see at 4 am other than Neil, he’s so pleasant and his food is great. The menu is also creative and crew love it. Neil’s also very good with clients and celebrity talent, he is a very personable guy.”

John O’Conner Production Manager


“When a job awards in LA, the first thing I do is book Neil and the 2nd thing I do is buy my flight.  He’s the best, when driving to set – knowing Neil is there with his wide variety of hot options – his homemade salsa – it eases those early morning call times and starts the shoot day off on the right foot!”

Stephanie Fernandez  Executive Producer


“I’ve used Neil to cater breakfasts on many commercials, large and small. My crew and I are never disappointed. He’s prompt and always has a variety of things to offer. His menus are creative and it’s a welcome site to see him in the mornings.”

Michael Kanter